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School News

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3rd and 4th Classes

In Art we have been working on the Printing strand. Take a look at some of our work inspired by cultures from around the world.

In English we had to use our imaginations to help us write poems while listening to music.

5th and 6th Classes

We are looking forward to going on a retreat on Thursday 2nd March as we continue our preparations for Confirmation.

In History we have been learning about the Renaissance. We looked closely at Leonardo da Vinci and learned about his life. In Art we drew two of his famous works: The Mona Lisa and The Lady with an Ermine. Take a look at our masterpieces.

Also in Art we continued on the theme of Portraits. Our caretaker Eddie kindly sat for his portrait to be drawn by the class. Here is how they turned out.

In Geography and Maths we have been learning about scale and drawing plans. Look at the plans of our classroom drawn to scale.

In Gaeilge we have been working on the theme of weather - An Aimsir. We wrote some weather forecasts. Féach ar ár réamhaisnéis na haimsire.

Active Schools

We are all continuing to be very active in school everyday. We took part in Operation Transformation's 10@10 initiative.

All classes are using Go Noodle to help them keep active. Families should join up and give it a go as it's great fun!

Homework on Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st of February will be all about keeping active.

3rd and 4th Classes

In Science we designed and made carts. Take a look at how we got on.

Killeigh Community Games

We had a visit from some All Ireland Medal winners from Killeigh Community Games on Friday 10th of February. They were here to encourage the children to take part in some of the wide variety of activities the Community Games offer. We had a special welcome for three of our past pupils who were part of the U-14 Quiz team that won the All-Ireland Community Games gold medal in August 2016.

Catholic Schools' Week

Thanks to all the children who attended Mass on Saturday 4th February in Raheen Church and sang so well as part of the choir. We did this to celebrate Catholic Schools' Week.

Credit Union Quiz

Well done to the ten children who took part in the Tullamore Credit Union Quiz held recently. Both teams did us proud but unfortunately no prizes this year.

Geashill Tidy Towns

Thanks to Pat Foley and Geashill Tidy Towns for making this beautiful gate. It is part of a garden they are creating for us.

Active School

All classes have been more active since the begining of 2017. We have been running more doing a variety of different exercises as well as playing the usual games at break times. All children brought home a Super Trooper journal which gives daily ideas for all the family to become more active. Swimming and tag rugby have also started for the senior classes and Mr. Clinton is running a lunch time league in crab-soccer.

Green School

WEE Recycling called to the school last week and collected lots of batteries from all the classes.

Scríobh Leabhar

All classes took part in the Scríobh leabhar project last week. Children wrote books in Irish for a competition organised by the Laois Education Centre. Teachers from other schools will read these and will choose prize winners.

Some dates to remember:

Photographer coming to the school on Monday 16th January.
Swimming beginning for 3rd to 6th Classes on Friday 20th January.
School closed for mid-term break on Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th February.
School closed on Thursday March 16th for teacher in-service on Language Curriculum.

Thanks on behalf of the Parents' Council for your recent contributions to our clothes collection and non-uniform day.

Also, thanks to everyone who supported the Tesco blue token collection in Tullamore before Christmas. Our Cairdeas classes were nominated as part of the Tesco Community Fund.

Active Schools:

All classes have been very active since we started our new term. We are all taking part in the Super Troopers programme.

2nd Class

1st to 3rd class took part in the Fastest Feet challenge in Portarlington last week. Well done to everybody for taking part. Certificates will be issued to all in the coming weeks.

2nd class held a liturgy for the school recently. Ms. Murphy helped them to prepare prayers, songs and stories all about friendship.

Our theme for November is "Being Thankful." We made thankful turkeys and listed the many things we are grateful for.

We collected lots of bottle caps and used them to make the first letter in our name. We also made fairy doors using clay and paint. They look great!

For Science we made musical instruments using recycled materials.

The next few weeks we will be very busy in drama rehearsing for our Nativity Play.

Active Flag

This year we signed up to the Active Flag Schools initiative. Its aim is to increase the levels of activity of all the children in the school. A committee of children has been formed and it will be organising lots of different activities as the year progresses. If everything goes to plan we hope to be awarded a flag in recognition of our achievements in May or June. Already 1st to 3rd classes have taken part in the Fastest Feet challenge in Portarlington last week and of course 3rd to 6th classes had great fun taking part in our Lunchtime Football League earlier this term.

Prayer Service

2nd class organised a prayer service on the theme of Friendship for the whole school. It took place on Friday 18th November. Well done to all the class for their hard work. Thanks also to class teacher Ms. Leonard and Teaching Practice student Ms. Murphy for all their work.

Visit by Father Dempsey

Past pupil Fr. Dempsey paid us a visit on Tuesday 15th November. He has worked in Africa all his life. He told 3rd to 6th classes all about his life and work in Uganda.

5th and 6th classes

We have been working on Fractions and Decimals in Maths. We made loop games to help us. They were good fun.

We have also been enjoying our yoga classes. Thanks to Ms. Murphy for all her help.

Christmas Shoebox Appeal

Thanks to all the parents and children who filled shoeboxes. We had a great response again this year.

5th and 6th classes

In History we have learned about Nelson Madela. In Art we created his portrait using contrasting colours.

In Geography we have been learning about France. We are creating fact files using our tablets.

Green School News
3rd to 6th classes had a visit from Michelle Castiaux. She held a workshop on Global Citizenship and waste. We learned about the lifecycle of a plastic bottle.

The new Green School Committee met for the first time this week. They will lead us in working towards our 6th Green Flag. The theme is Global Citizenship and Litter and Waste.

3rd and 4th classes

In History we are learning about The Wooden Horse of Troy. We listened to the story and designed our own cartoon strips telling the tale.

14 and U-16

There was a great feeling of celebration in the school on Friday 14th October when some of the victorious members and trainers of the U-14 and U16 Na Fianna football teams came to visit. There was a special welcome given to the past pupils who were on the teams. Na Fianna club presented a football to the school. Well done to all involved of such an historic occasion.

Junior Infants

Our Aistear theme this month is "The Pet Shop". We got a class goldfish that the children named Goldie and we learned about lots of animals.

The children also got to meet "Tootle" and "Koopa" the tortoises who were kindly brought into school.

Junior Infants went on a nature walk where they collected lots of Autumn leaves, berries and nuts for our nature table.

In Art we had fun making leaf hedgehogs and rainbow fish.

Second Class

It has been a busy few weeks here in second class.
We had our First Enrolment Mass in preparation for our First Holy Communion. One of the gifts we brought up was a picture of the family tree we made during history.

In English we learned all about adjectives and how they can take our writing up a level.

We created an Autumn board for our classroom to show all of the lovely colours that we see outside during this time of year.

In SPHE we have been talking about working together as a team and looking out for each other. We made a giant poster to show that when we work together, our class rocks!

In Maths we used straight and curved lines to make optical illusion 3D hands.

We have been collecting leaves and interesting items from outside. We did a Science experiment and found out that plastic takes over 250 years to decompose while an apple core takes just three weeks

In Art we made Mé Féin portraits and and designed emoji posters to show all of the different feelings we have.

Lunchtime league
On Wednesday the final of our lunchtime league was held between Dublin and Mayo. A very close exciting game was watched by the whole school eagerly cheering on both teams. The team was won by a last minute point by Dublin. Mr. Hyland and Mr. Clinton presented prizes to both teams. Captain of Dublin Eamon Bolger accepted the cup on behalf of his team. In his speech he paid tribute to Mayo for a thrilling match. Well done to all.

Fire Safety
3rd and 4th classes had a visit from members of the Tullamore Fire Brigade highlighting fire saftey. They each got a saftey pack to bring home. They really enjoyed the visit.


Well done to the children who took part in the Offaly Primary School Cross country competition on Friday September 30th. They all represented the school very well.
A special congratulations to Kevin Sweeney in 5th class for coming in 6th place and winning a medal.

Thanks to Ms. Mooney's class for making this lovely poster for Mr. Hyland "Maigh Eo Abú".

Junior Infants

Junior Infants have settled really well into school.

In Maths we are learning to match and sort sets.

In Art we created displays on 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and 'The Three Little Pigs'.

Each afternoon we take part in Aistear and have great fun!!

We brought our favourite teddy bears to school and had a party.

For History the children brought in some photographs of themselves and we created a timeline.

3rd and 4th classes
The children walked around the village looking at buildings. The children chose their favourite ones and photographed them.

In Art the children did pencil drawings of their favourite buildings. They also made Autumn leaf prints.

In Geography this week the pupils have been watching the weather closely. They used a rain gauge, thermometer, onemometer and weather vane to record it.

In Maths 3rd and 4th classes have studied 2D shapes. They made shape pictures and made shape patterns on tablets

5th and 6th classes
We created a 'Class Contract' to help our class run smoothly. We picked out some of the really important words from the contract. Some of these are Patience, Kind, Manners, Learn, Listen, Prepare, Respect, Together, Safe, Fair and Try.

History- We drew timelines showing all the topics we will cover this year.
We have been studying the Ancient Greeks. We learned about some Greek architecture. Take a look at our pencil drawings of Doric, Ionic and Corinthian columns.

Geography- We have been looking at our local landscape. We went on a walk around the village looking at some of its features.

We drew Mind Maps of our journey from home to school highlighting some important features.

We have also started studying the European Union. Take a look at some of the 28 E.U. flags.

Gaeilge- We have been working on the Mé Féin theme this month. We can say lots about ourselves. We wrote very good stories about ourselves and our families.

English- We have been working on Recount Writing. We have worked in pairs and have written some interesting pieces about news stories we spoke about in class.

Yoga/Mindfulness- We have had some Yoga and Mindfulness classes with Ms. Murphy. She is in her final year in college studying to be a teacher. She has taught us about our breathing as well as lots of different yoga techniques and stretches.

Welcome back everyone.
We give a special welcome to our 14 Junior Infants and our 4 new entrants to Cairdeas and to the other children who started throughout the school.

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